Service and maintenance tipsService and maintenance tips - February 17, 2015
Purchasing an APQS longarm machine is an investment; and, as we learned in Accounting 101, you need to protect your investments!

How to pause your stitchingHow to pause your stitching - April 1, 2014
Our service department occasionally gets calls from customers wondering how to stop the machine from sewing when they try to readjust their rulers or move their feet.

Thread cutter tipsThread cutter tips - February 25, 2014
Good care and maintenance can keep the thread cutter slicing just as you expect; and when it needs a little adjustment to keep working at peak efficiency, that's easy, too!

Thread breakageThread breakage - May 28, 2013
If you are having trouble with your thread breaking on a recent project, use our step-by-step process to eliminate the obvious suspects before calling in the big dogs!

Keeping your machine oiledKeeping your machine oiled - November 29, 2012
Keep your machine running in tip-top shape!

How to avoid oxidation residue on machinesHow to avoid oxidation residue on machines - October 23, 2012
One of the great features about APQS machines is their weight.

Needle flex and its impact on tensionNeedle flex and its impact on tension - October 2, 2012
You can move your longarm machine much faster, which has a huge impact on the needle. That's why your longarm needle is so large - it is to reduce the impact of needle flex!

Get to the "Point" - Inserting Your NeedleGet to the "Point" - Inserting Your Needle - September 25, 2012
Lots of discussion has abounded regarding the best needles for your APQS quilting machine.

Service Tip of the Day: Easy Adjustments to WheelsService Tip of the Day: Easy Adjustments to Wheels - July 30, 2012
APQS machines' unique track system has helped quilters glide across the quilts. However, even these wheels need adjustment from time to time to give you great performance

Service tip: Built-in circuit breaker protectionService tip: Built-in circuit breaker protection - June 27, 2012
Quilters call our service department and comment that their machine is "dead" and won't turn on!