Relieving quilter's guilt

May 7, 2013

As if we don't have enough guilt lashing at us, we don't need to add unfinished quilts to the list! You may be faced with a pile of dishes in the sink, unfolded laundry, an unkempt lawn or even unfinished Christmas cards from 2012. Computers, cell phones, Internet, over-scheduling and just everyday living have consumed much of the free time that once made life like "Mayberry, RFD." We're too busy running kids in minivans, attending meetings and making deadlines.

Don't let "quilter's guilt" rob you of the pleasure of sewing or quilting - for many, many people this is the one thing that can actually relieve the stress of a busy life. If you have too many of those not-quite-finished projects lurking in the corners of your closet, it's time to get rid of the cobwebs and move on! If you have learned all you can from a particular past project and you are certain you have no more interest in completing it, then it's time to move on.

There are others who can and do benefit from your uncompleted projects. Donate your projects to your local school, church or senior citizens' center. Check with your local Girl Scout chapter, 4-H chapter and other youth organizations where children learn life skills.

And even if you can't find someone or a group who could use your partial projects, it's time to close your  eyes and throw them out. Amazingly, there will be no lightning bolt to strike your down and no clap of thunder when it hits the bottom of the garbage can. You'll feel a littletwinge of guilt, but it will soon be replaced with a euphoric sense of liberation and freedom - the freedom to actually start something new that you WILL enjoy! Get busy and purge!

Written by APQS Team

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