Wool applique on your longarmWool applique on your longarm - April 30, 2013
Donating your old wool clothing to Good Will? Not so fast! Here's a few ways to re-purpose wool fabric in your quilts.

Inspiration stationInspiration station - April 23, 2013
Inspiration for your next quilt design can come from anywhere - all you have to do is look!

How you can secure starts and stopsHow you can secure starts and stops - April 16, 2013
If you are still using needles to bury the beginning and ending threads on your quilt, you are missing out on ways to be more efficient! Check out these two methods using your longarm machines.

Finding a balance in quiltingFinding a balance in quilting - April 9, 2013
With show season upon us, use a critical eye when designing your quilts. Learn how to balance your quilt designs.

Up Close Quilting with Liz PorterUp Close Quilting with Liz Porter - April 2, 2013
This month we’re back with an Up Close Quilting profile about Liz Porter, the other half of the dynamic quilting duo behind Fons & Porter.

Quilt show etiquetteQuilt show etiquette - April 2, 2013
Whatcha gonna do when the quilt police come for you?