APQS Tutorial: Abstract Tulip BorderAPQS Tutorial: Abstract Tulip Border - January 29, 2013
Breaking down a border into quadrants can help give needed references points to make custom quilting much easier. This abstract tulip border can be altered a number of different ways and will serve you well.

Batting has an "up" and "down"Batting has an "up" and "down" - January 22, 2013
Well, most of it does, anyway! It may surprise you to know that many batting products have a right side and a wrong side, just like fabric.

Mind your "P's" and "Q's"Mind your "P's" and "Q's" - January 15, 2013
Practice, practice, practice...did we just hear you groan? Though it may not be your favorite thing, a good warm up session will not only improve your skills, but keep you from blacksliding each quilting session!

APQS Tutorial: Custom Flying Geese BorderAPQS Tutorial: Custom Flying Geese Border - January 8, 2013
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the continuous path of certain pieced border designs. Here is a great way to tackle a flying geese border.

Backing mysteries bustedBacking mysteries busted - January 8, 2013
Next time you choose a backing fabric, take these tips from our APQS team into consideration!

Quilting the Quilt: Feather Quilting BasicsQuilting the Quilt: Feather Quilting Basics - January 3, 2013
Feather designs are revered by quilters, as if they are the “holy grail” of quilting designs. Once you master feathers, you’ll feel like you have conquered the quilting world!