Keeping your machine oiledKeeping your machine oiled - November 29, 2012
Keep your machine running in tip-top shape!

Magic metallic threadMagic metallic thread - November 27, 2012
Even if you consider yourself a more "traditional" quilter who likes muted tones, country flair, or even Civil War reproductions, sometime during your quilting you will discover the luster and shine that metallic thread can bring to your project.

Better bindings: part 2Better bindings: part 2 - November 20, 2012
A recent blog article mentioned that binding stitches should be very close together, up to 1/16-inch apart. Several panicked quilters quickly questioned the sanity of this notion. Let's clarify that today!

Thanksgiving reflectionsThanksgiving reflections - November 20, 2012
Thanksgiving Day marks a month of celebrating family, friendship and love. Remember to spend time with those you hold dear during the next few weeks.

Up Close Quilting with Claudia PfeilUp Close Quilting with Claudia Pfeil - November 14, 2012
Claudia Pfeil, became the first European APQS dealer in 2005. She owns Quilt & Co and runs the entire European APQS showroom in Krefeld, Germany. She’s been sewing and piecing since she was a teen.

Better bindingsBetter bindings - November 13, 2012
Quilters are often polarized when it comes to whether binding is the best or worst part of a quilting project. When you reach that stage in your quilt, the end is near – literally!

Keeping scale in perspectiveKeeping scale in perspective - November 13, 2012
Is your purse full of little scraps of paper with quilting design ideas doodled on them? Does your checkbook register look like an artist's pad?

What makes a SmartBobbin so smart?What makes a SmartBobbin so smart? - November 6, 2012
Every day quilters ask about the APQS SmartBobbin and wonder what makes it the intelligent choice for longarm quilters.

What's the magic TOWA number?What's the magic TOWA number? - November 6, 2012
Any number you want it to be! That wasn't the answer you were expecting, was it?