Trick or treatTrick or treat - October 30, 2012
Just for fun, and because we quilters deserve a few "treats" every now and then, here are a few quips that pay tribute to our passion for chocolate.

Applique quilt quandariesApplique quilt quandaries - October 30, 2012
Personal preference aside, the decision to quilt on top of applique can often be guided by the amount of quilting in other areas of the quilt.

How to avoid oxidation residue on machinesHow to avoid oxidation residue on machines - October 23, 2012
One of the great features about APQS machines is their weight.

Up Close Quilting with Lorraine HarnishUp Close Quilting with Lorraine Harnish - October 22, 2012
Lorraine is a founder, teaches classes and is a part-owner of The Quilt Academy, a quilting company based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, where they rent out a Lenni APQS longarm.

Do you need some creative ideas for fabric hiding places?Do you need some creative ideas for fabric hiding places? - October 16, 2012
Sometimes you have to get creative...not only to store your newfound fabric, but to disguise your purchases from anyone who doesn't understand why you needed more in the first place.

Ask APQS: Matching thread colorAsk APQS: Matching thread color - October 16, 2012
Machine quilters must choose between what may be "practical" in relation to the time investment for the quilting, in addition to what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Fuzzy flannel fast appliquéFuzzy flannel fast appliqué - October 9, 2012
For a fast, fun weekend project, try whipping up a flannel throw.

Boo boo Band-Aids for quilting mistakesBoo boo Band-Aids for quilting mistakes - October 9, 2012
Here's a great trick for touching up spots where your stitching line wandered off its path.

Needle flex and its impact on tensionNeedle flex and its impact on tension - October 2, 2012
You can move your longarm machine much faster, which has a huge impact on the needle. That's why your longarm needle is so large - it is to reduce the impact of needle flex!

Football Fridays...bleacher quiltsFootball Fridays...bleacher quilts - October 2, 2012
Whether it's soccer, football or another sport, having a little cushion under the tush is a must for fans on the sidelines.