What's the Difference Between Bobbins?What's the Difference Between Bobbins? - August 29, 2012
If you are a little bit of a sleuth, you can find several different bobbin types on the market today.

How Many Stitches per Inch?How Many Stitches per Inch? - August 29, 2012
Hand quilters and machine quilters use different measuring gauges (figuratively speaking) to determine the right stitch length for a project.

Up Close Quilting with Myrna FickenUp Close Quilting with Myrna Ficken - August 24, 2012
Myrna started longarm quilting in 1998 when she worked at a longarm dealership. Today, she owns her own business, A Quilter’s Choice, in Laurel, Maryland where she teaches numerous classes and has come out with a number of quilting DVDs.

Fusible Interfacing and QuiltsFusible Interfacing and Quilts - August 22, 2012
Fusible interfacing has transitioned from a staple in sewing rooms to a valuable tool for many quilters.

Couching with Your LongarmCouching with Your Longarm - August 22, 2012
"Couching" secures fibers to the surface of the quilt that would not normally fit through the needle's eye.

Did you know...Manual or stitch regulated?Did you know...Manual or stitch regulated? - August 15, 2012
The evolution of machine quilting has produced some wondrous features that early quilters could only dream about.

Back to School for QuiltersBack to School for Quilters - August 15, 2012
Quilt shops have been gearing up all summer for "the return of the quilters” - that special time when piecers and quilters start to think about what projects they can tackle in the long winter months ahead.

Did you know...What the judges are judgingDid you know...What the judges are judging - August 7, 2012
Learn more about some of the "measurable" criteria judges use to evaluate quilts in competition:

Did you know...Attending to Pressing MattersDid you know...Attending to Pressing Matters - August 7, 2012
The debate about "ironing" versus "pressing" has waned in recent years as quilters finally realize that piecing quilts requires a different skill set apart from the laundry room.