How does the Bliss Track system work?

Specially designed horizontal wheels on the sewing head and roller bearings on the table rails eliminate binding and resistance. The result? Decreased friction and inertia.

The Bliss aluminum alloy table rails are engineered to eliminate the need for truss support. You can choose a table length of 10'-, 12'- tables for all machines or a table length of 14' for Freddie and Millie. You can quilt confidently without worrying about sagging or flexing in the table's center.

With Bliss, you'll be able to quilt for hours on end without the fatigue felt with cumbersome track systems or heavier machines.

Watch this video to see one customer's experience with Bliss.


Unlike other channel systems on the market, the APQS rail profile prevents dirt and thread build-up so you can spend more time quilting and less time cleaning! No adjustments are needed - all you have to do is quilt!

Upgrade to the Ultimate Quilting Experience.

  • New Millennium Sewing Head and exclusive Bliss Track System: $19,900
  • New Freedom and exclusive Bliss Track System: $18,900
  • New Lucey and exclusive Bliss Track System: $13,900
  • New Lenni and and exclusive Bliss Track System: $11,900
  • Bliss Track System Upgrade for existing APQS owners: $3,000